Above Ground Pool Lighting

The different lighting choices

This solution is the most common today. Whether it is an integration in your stairs (increases the visibility of your steps and sublimates your pool), or along the lengths of your walls, it allows you to illuminate your swimming area and immerses you in a relaxing atmosphere. To do this, simply install underwater pool spots. Enlightened from the inside, your pool will become the highlight of your garden and allow you to express your originality.

The indoor pool lighting must be provided before the installation of your pool (and more specifically that of the coating) to have projectors integrated into the structure.

If you already have a pool, but do not have an integrated projector, it is not a problem to consider installation. Simply choose a model to screw on the discharge nozzles . This solution is also the one chosen for people with above ground pools.

The lighting of your outdoor pool

Whether on the borders , on your terrace, on your Poolhouse or in your green space, outdoor lighting highlights your garden and optimizes visibility essential for your safety. You can opt for recessed spotlights or solar lights that allow you to delimit your pool and its contours.

Choosing a good lighting for your pool reduces the risk of accidents.

And for this, you must first know how to choose and position your lighting so that they are effective and not harmful. It is therefore important to ensure, in order to guarantee the safety of bathers and people around them, to choose lighting with IP68 degree of protection which ensures watertightness and supports immersion effects and to place your external and internal lighting in such a way as to what they do not dazzle. Ideally, for interior lighting, make sure that the projector is 50 cm below the lip and preferably back to the house.

Each submerged floodlight must be connected to a sealed case on the beach to allow any intervention and maintenance.

Lighting maintenance

The lights inside your pool have a rather long life, but sometimes need to be changed. And for that, it is imperative to respect certain safety rules.

1. Turn off the power at the electrical box;

2. Then remove the projector (disengaging or unscrewing);

3. Remove the projector from the water (if the cable is too short, empty your pool until your projector can be out of the water);

4. Once your projector is in a dry place, unscrew both lugs from the bulb;

5. Verify that the output current is https://poolclinics.com/reviews/best-above-ground-pool-lights/ 12 Volts AC with a multimeter;

If you do not have power, this can be a problem due to the damaged transformer, a faulty fuse, etc.

6. Make sure the gasket of your projector is in good condition, otherwise change it;

It is advisable to coat your seal with food fat to get a better seal.

7. Clean the projector and its niche;

8. Then put the projector back in the niche taking care to wind the cable;

9. Once the projector is in its niche and submerged, you can turn on the power again.